Who we are

How did we start this adventure??

It all begins with a family conversation between a father and a son with the impetus of wanting to start a project that has two fundamental ingredients: digital purity and a link with our land: Extremadura (Spain) 

In this last point, it is clear that we are asked to take advantage of our skills and contacts over the years in our sectors, in order to help the economy and notoriety of our region.


For what purpose was QuesosdeExtremadura.com created? 

We came up with the idea of ​​covering a triple objective:

  • To be the largest showcase of Extremadura cheeses not only nationally but also outside our borders. 
  • Make Extremadura known through one of its flagship products. a través de uno de sus productos insignia. 
  • Provide an open space for Extremadura producers who make high-quality cheeses but with little visibility outside of a specific area.


What is our ambition?

On the one hand, bringing together the maximum possible number of producers in Extremadura, in order to turn QuesosdeExtremadura.com into the largest direct sales portal for Extremadura cheese.

On the other hand, take advantage of our infrastructure and future knowledge to help make its offer known to other non-Extremaduran producers; making QuesosdeExtremadura.com a point of reference within the sector.






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