Matured goat’s milk cheese “Manjares”


Matured goat’s milk cheese, made from raw goat’s milk, rennet, salt and probiotics.

Envío entre 4 y 5 días laborables

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Matured goat's milk cheese, made from raw goat's milk, rennet, salt and probiotics.


• Maturation: Matured from 4 to 6 months in optimal environmental conditions, which will enhance the nuances provided by raw goat's milk.
• Crust: natural or paprika, semi-hard, defined and differentiated from the body of the cheese.
• Consistency: Soft, firm and white in colour. Buttery, elastic, melting and easy to swallow. It presents small eyes.
• Texture: slightly grainy to smooth.
• Aroma: an aroma of medium intensity with reminders of both the animal and vegetable world.
• Taste: Medium. Milky and creamy on the palate.


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